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We are art lovers of this planet. We create, we research and we recyle art in every thing around us. We believe that it exists everywhere, in the way that we work , we fall in love, we live. We are based in Greece and we design jewellery from scratch transforming plexiglass mirrors into rock ‘n’ roll, alternative chokers, earrings & accessories. We form hand painted t-shirts & jackets , using specialized colors used on fabric.

We have a collection of paintings, sketches and more to decorate your home. Our favorite project is #doityourway, in which you can have the opportunity to fashion your own design, to choose what would you like us to paint on your t-shirt/jacket/jeans. Our biggest pleasure is for you to join our family and co-create with us. The motto is #freethenipples. We paint boobs on our t-shirts, we wear clothes without bras, in an effort to set the female nipples free from the sexuality that burdens them and face it as equal with those of a male.

The Canvas Concept is not only about clothing. It’s a way of finding and loving yourself. Feel free. Be unique. Listen to your inner self. Big things will happen & don’t forget to always #DOITYOURWAY.

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